School Volunteer Policy

In 2004, the Halifax Regional School Board passed a policy regarding volunteers in our schools. The Board recognizes its responsibility for ensuring that all students attending our schools are protected by taking reasonable precautions to screen volunteers who may be working with students.

The Student Protection Policy, affects all volunteers (parents, family members, community members, etc.), is in place at LeMarchant St.Thomas.

To ensure the safety of all students, any new or existing volunteer who will not have regular and direct contact or responsibility for students with limited supervision of school staff will have to complete an Offence Declaration (available at the school office) on an annual basis. This includes those who may provide transportation for one school trip or volunteer to help in the classroom one time.

Any new or existing volunteer who will be working directly with students on a regular basis without direct supervision of school staff is required to provide the school’s Principal or Vice Principal with a current Police Records Check and Child Abuse Registry Check. This includes those who volunteer to work with students on a regular basis throughout the year, those who chaperone an overnight trip, and those who provide coaching.

The Police Records Check: This process is conducted by your local police agency. To begin the process pick up the form Application for a Criminal Record Search and a letter from the HRSB Superintendent (allowing you to have the Police Records Check done at a reduced rate) from the school office. Complete the top section of the application form and take it, along with the letter, to your local RCMP or HRM Police station. The nearest location is the HRM Police Service is 1975 Gottingen St or the Halifax Shopping Center (satellite office). You will need a drivers licence to submit your application. Once the search is complete the form will be returned to you. Please give this completed form, or a copy, to the Principal or Vice Principal at the school where you wish to volunteer. It usually takes three weeks to complete the search.

The Child Abuse Registry Check: The process is as follows:

Step One
Pick up from the school office a Form XIII, Child Abuse Register – Request for a Search. The principal or vice principal must complete and sign the top section.

Step Two
You must complete section two of the Form XIII, Child Abuse Register – Request for a Search.

Step Three
When you have completed the form you must have it signed and sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths or Justice of the Peace. The following is a list of individuals who may administer an oath:

A Commissioner of Oaths for the Province of Nova Scotia (there’s one at the first floor lobby of the HRSB Office at 90 Alderney Drive or at the first floor lobby of the HRSB Gordon Bell Building at 9 Taranaki Drive in Cole Harbour);
A judge of any Court;
A judge of the Provincial Court;
A Prothonotary of the Supreme Court;
A Clerk of the County Court (277 Pleasant St., Dartmouth);
A Barrister of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia;
A Notary Public for the Province of Nova Scotia;
A Commissioned Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces on active duty;
A member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) while he/she is a member;
A Justice of the Peace.

Step Four
Return the signed and sworn copy of the form to your principal or vice principal who will then send it to the Department of Community and Social Services for processing.

Step Five
When the search is completed, the Department of Community and Social Services will send the results to your school principal. The completed checks are valid for a period of one year, so must be completed annually. Individuals who wish to volunteer in a school must have completed and forwarded to the Principal the proper documentation for the checks. Approval of the principal must be given before volunteer work commences.

To view the HRSB Student Protection Policy in its entirety visit the Board website