Run Club 2016-17


About the LMST Run Club

The LMST Run Club is implemented by Mme. Chiasson, an LMST teacher, Melanie MacDermid, an LMST parent and two volunteer student-athletes Marina and Charlotte as part of the Doctors Nova Scotia Kids’ Run Club. All students in Grades 3 to 6 are invited to join, regardless of fitness level or experience with running. Walking breaks will be encouraged when necessary and students will gradually build their stamina with each run they do.
If your child is nervous about joining Run Club, please reassure him/her that everyone is welcome and encourage him/her to give it a try. Participants don’t have to be runners to join. Everyone will be able to run at their own speed and therefore achieve success.
All participants should download a runner’s handbook provided by Doctors Nova Scotia containing information related to running and healthy lifestyles. Participants are encouraged to complete the Healthy Living Challenge which promotes daily physical activity, reduced screen time and healthy eating. You may even take the challenge as a family.


When Do We Run?

The run club will meet every Wednesday and Thursday from April 19th- May 25th, weather permitting. (Be prepared for last minute cancellations!). Everyone will meet in Mme. Chiasson’s classroom at the 3pm dismissal bell and practice will end at 4:30pm.


Where Do We Run? Is it a safe route?

We’ve had to change our running routes this year because of the construction of the new school. The new plan is for everyone to meet at Mme. Chiasson’s classroom at the 3 pm dismissal bell for a mini-running lesson and then we will all walk as a group to the Camp Hill Cemetery, which provides a nice fenced in running option.
Students will be walking as a group back to the school for a 4:30pm end time. Guardians are responsible for dismissal options at 4:30pm at LMSTS.


How Much Does It Cost? What does my student need to participate?

This program is being offered at no cost. Your role in making it happen is to ensure your child arrives prepared on run-day. Outdoor runs will occur whenever possible so please make sure your child comes to school with clothing appropriate for weather conditions and a change of clothes on wet days. All participants must wear sneakers for running. High-heeled shoes, sandals, Crocks and boots are not permitted.

Got the Bug? Check out: Youth Running Series & Capital Health School Participation Challenge



The Youth Running Series (YRS) provides kids in Nova Scotia with the opportunity to engage in running at all levels as a means to a healthy, active and positive lifestyle. Each year, from April to October, YRS offers 9 or 10 events of 0.5 km to 2.2 km in distance and encourages participation by those of all abilities.

Each runner can earn points for participation and placement, with the top 3 in every division receiving recognition at the end of the season.

These events are always geared toward fun and are a great way to foster your child’s interest in running. And it’s up to you how many events you decide to do.

School Participation Challenge Earns $$ For Our School
All runners are encouraged to participate in the Youth Running Series Races for additional practice and FUN but did you know there’s a school competition too? It’s called the Capital Health School Participation Challenge.


Here’s how it works:
When registering for one of the Youth Running Series (YRS) races you can also indicate which school you attend. After each YRS event, the school with the most runners receives a beautiful plaque. At the end of the season the schools with the most runners accumulated over the series of YRS races will be awarded cash prizes!


Sound like fun? Then, join us!! For more information, or to register, visit: