Track and Field





General Info

The LMST Track and Field teams are made up of students in Grades 4, 5, and 6. Because of the specific age groupings of the track meets, athletes in Grades 4 and 5 compete together and athletes in Grade 6 compete together.

This means LMST will field 4 teams: Grade 4/5 boys and Grade 4/5 girls; Grade 6 boys and Grade 6 girls.

LMST Phys Ed instructors, Ms. LeBlanc and Mr. Blackburn, will coach our student athletes in the finer points of track and field and usually kick off practices on April 16th, 2015 with a meeting for any student interested in participating.



  • 100m ( 4 spots )long_jump
  • 100m Relay ( 2 teams 4 runners on each)
  • 800m ( 3 runners)
  • 1500m (3 runners)
  • Ball Throw ( 4 spots)
  • Long Jump (3 jumpers); Try it out at St. Mary’s Track anytime.
  • High Jump (3 jumpers)



2016-17 Meets (dates TBA)

These young athletes will be preparing for two track meets in June:

  • one for Gr. 4/5
  • one for Gr. 6.


Important Notes

Our track coaches would like to mention a few things to any aspiring athletes out there:

  1. Students MUST attend practices ready for activity. SNEAKERS NECESSARY!
  2. There is no “Official” try-out date. If a student want to be considered for a team, they must come to practices.
  3. Mr. Blackburn and Ms. LeBlanc will look at ALL data recorded from practices when selecting athletes for events. Every effort will be made to try and get athletes in events if they come to practice. However, it may not be the event of their choice.
  4. Due to age categories, Grade 4 and 5 athletes compete for spots on the same team.
  5. The Youth Running Series has some GREAT races that not only earn you points for your school but are great for distance training.


2016-17 Practice Dates TBA

(changes may occur due to weather or need)