Awesome Bengali Dancers & Dragon Girls to join us Friday!

Date: February 24, 2016 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events


On Friday, at our first-ever Multi- Cultural Event, we will welcome the dance groups “BSS Awesome Bengali Dancers” and “BSS Dragon Girls”. We are delighted that these local student performers are able to join us and share with us several traditional dances.


BSS Awesome Bengali Dancers

Nuzaira Habib has been performing at the school for the Cultural Days since Grade-1. Last year she took the lead of teaching few of her friends a dance from her native Bengal. Thus our dance group “Awesome Bengali Dancers” came into being. This year they mentored five new dancers and the group has grown to eight dancers. The dance follows the rhythmic arm and body movement representative of nature and other objects. The music selected has the basis of Rabindra music of Bengal which was developed by the famous Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

These dances are representative of the Bedford South School’s intercultural atmosphere where students want to learn about each other’s culture. The students have learned this dance from Nuzaira and now love performing at any opportunity.

We will welcome Nuzaira, Sara, Charley, Paige, Bridget, Leena, Jules and Ella who will perform four Bengali dances for you. Also accompanying the dancers will be Jinan who is the group’s manager.


BSS Dragon Girls

Dragon Dances are performed in East Asia to welcome the Lunar New Year. Dragon is fierce looking but noble and kind and brings good-luck. At the New Year it pushes away the negative energy of the past year and welcomes the New Year.

On Friday we will have Leena, Mia, Cayley and Kyra performing the Dragon Dance for you.