Class Donation Lists 2015


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Please note: Information on this page is from a previous year. We have left it intact so you might have a better idea of what this event is all about. As soon as we have current details we will post them.


Why We’re Asking Who For What
Each year we ask for donations of food, beverages or other items for our Spring Fair by class. We try to rotate which classes are asked so that the same parents aren’t responsible for supplying the Spring Fair every year.

By now you should have received an e-mail about these items from your class parent and we’ve included their e-mail addresses below in case you have any further questions.


This year the classes responsible for donating food items are:


Grade 2 Babineau
Bake Sale items


Grade 2 Abi Daoud
Bake Sale items


Grade 3 / 4 Mott / Ring
Muffins / Pastries for French Cafe


Grade 4 Beaton
Cake for Cake Walk


Grade 4 / 5 Chiasson
Cake for Cake Walk


Grade 5 MacDonald
Hot Dogs or Juice Boxes
(see Eileen’s email message: half the class has been assigned hot dogs, the other half: juice boxes)