Grade 2 B – Mme Babineau


Reading every night. (Please see below for more explanations.)
Read French books every night. (Parents please sign and date the sheet inside the platic yellow duo-tang.)

In the ziplock bag you will find book(s) and a log; the yellow plastic duo-tang. Students may read the book(s) provided, their library book or a French book from home. Please have students write the title of their book in their log, the date and a Parent or a Guardian must sign the reading log. Here are some questions you can ask your child once they have read their book(s).

1. What was your favourite part?

2. What was your least favourite part?

3. What new words did you see in the book?

4. Was this book easy/difficult?

5. Are their words you did not understand? Can you guess what they mean?

6. If you could change the ending, what would you do differently?

7. If you could be any character, which one would you be? Why?

8. Which character is more like you?

9. If you were the author, would you add any characters? Who?

10. Would you recommend this book to other children? Why or why not?

Happy reading!