Grade 3 F – Mme Fennell

Please do not hesitate to contact me!  I try to call back on the same day.

Here are some great links for Math Practice

Rounding spaceship game- nearest 10 (dizaine)

Rounding shark game- nearest 100 (centaine)

  Create a graph



Les nombres

link to doubles practice games

Order! Order!  (Choose under 10 000 option)

44 ways for parents to motivate their children to succeed in French Second Language programs.

Homework tips

  • Every Monday, you can check the Feuille de route section above. You will find the weekly newsletter and information on homework.
  • Decide with your child where in their agenda or backpack they will put notices and homework.
  • Discuss where you will put money and signed permission slips to be returned so your child can easily access them at school.
  • Check this spot with your child daily.
  • Remove notices and newsletters and keep them at home.
  • I will write personal notes in the agendas. Please try to sign/ see your child’s agenda daily for important notices/ homework.