Grade 4 B – Mme Beaton

This February, grade 4B and 4C decided to kick off their own version of Le Carnaval d’Hiver. It is a great way to explore such great French Canadian culture and the history behind the renowned Bonhomme Carnaval. We are EXPLORING (as part of our Exploration unit in social studies) this culture and history and embracing the fun winter activities. The overall theme of Quebec’s Carnaval this year is CHALLENGE and it is always to get OUTSIDE to celebrate winter together. On Tuesday, February 12th, the students of these classes headed outside for a fun snowshoe race. They challenged themselves to create snowshoes made out of recycled materials just like our musical instruments in class. Well we had a blast! We got out just before the rain and even though some students experienced malfunctions in their gear, we had a good laugh! Lots of tripping, falling down and photo ops with our Official Bonhomme.