District 7 Residents: We Need Your Vote for Playground $$

Date: June 13, 2017 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events



 LMST Playground Proposal for Halifax South – Participatory Budgeting Event



What are we talking about??

For the 5th consecutive year Councillor Waye Mason is inviting District 7 residents of ALL ages for their input on allocating $94,000 for community projects.  This year, the LMST Green Space Committee has submitted a proposal for $20k to put towards the development of a playground area for the new school.


Great Idea! How Do I vote?

Voting will take place Wednesday, June 14 at the Halifax Central Library from 5:00 – 8:00pm. Each District 7 resident who attends is given a ballot and is required to vote on their top 5 choices from among 15 eligible projects. Any resident can vote so bring your kids and neighbours!

Not sure if you’re in District 7? Check out this boundary map: https://tinyurl.com/yabz2owu


Why are we asking for the funding anyway?

The outdoor space at the new LMST school will be a hub in the neighborhood for fun, safe, accessible and enjoyable activity. The budget for the new school includes only a small amount to be put towards the new playground, putting the onus on the community to raise funds to cover the remaining costs. PlaygroundB_fixed

The LMST Green Space Committee is an ad hoc group of parent volunteers tasked to work with the province and school community to plan and fund the outdoor space for the new LMST school. We have submitted a proposal to the Halifax South District Capital Fund for $20,000 to be put towards the new play area. We need your help to create a natural and fun playground in the heart of the city!

Our goal is to create a play area that will provide continuity and cohesion with the existing play structures with a focus on using natural materials (wood, stone and boulders) to ensure the new space is sustainable, durable and fun for all. Our preliminary concept is “Ship Wreck Cove” where representations of a wooden ship’s bow, stern and dory/lifeboat will be placed amongst the current (more traditional) play structures with a small crow’s nest rope climber as the “mast”. We are also including plans for a vegetable garden, climbing wall and basketball hoops.


I Want to Get My Neighbours On-Board, Is There Something I Could Bring Them?

Why yes, yes there is. Download our Playground Budget One-Pager (PDF) and print.


Please come out and support our proposal Wednesday night, 

we need as many residents as we can get!



Where can I find out more about this Community Vote?

For more information about this participatory budget initiative we’ve included some detail from Waye Mason’s website below. For the full scoop, head over to his website and have a look: http://wayemason.ca/2017/03/11/update-8-taxis-participatory-budgeting-2017-upcoming-events-more or visit: http://halifaxsouth.ca/pb.


Building A Great Community – One Idea at a Time

Once again, I invite District 7 residents’ input on how to spend $94,000 in the community. The funds will be allocated using a Participatory Budgeting model whereby residents are invited to submit community project ideas and qualifying submissions are then voted on by the community.

The benefits of this process are that it encourages great ideas to come forward from local groups, builds community support and collaboration, and gives local residents a direct say in how they want the District 7 capital funds spent.

Community Vote
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 | 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Lindsay Children’s Room, Halifax Central Library
District 7 residents of all ages are invited to vote on their favourite projects in person. Winners will be announced that night.