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What is the Home and School Association?

LeMarchant St. Thomas Home and School Association (H&S) is the volunteer and fundraising arm of the parent/guardian community. The bulk of our responsibility is to provide a platform for this community to become engaged in the activities and fundraising at our school which help to enhance your child’s education experience.

Every parent and guardian is a member of the H&S and our events also promote and help to build our cohesive community!

The Home and School is made up of an executive:

When does H&S Meet?

Home and School meetings are held every month (dates, times and locations are listed on the calendar page of this website!).  Meetings last about one hour and your attendance is welcome and encouraged! Please join us to socialize over coffee/tea/refreshments before each H&S meeting at 6:15pm. Meetings are called to order at 6:30pm


How Does H&S Raise Money?

The Home and School organizes several events each calendar year, 2 of which are ‘adult only’ events and are the major fundraisers for the year.  The remaining events are family focused and are a great way to meet other parents/children at the school outside of school hours.  These events typically break even or simply provide a slush fund of sorts to the Home and School to help fund classroom activities and/or classroom enhancements.

If you have any questions about how the money we raise is used during the school year please feel free to come to one of our monthly meetings as budget review is always at the top of the agenda!


How Can You Help?

  • Volunteer to help with an event (set-up, tear down, manage volunteers, pick-up/drop-off items)
  • Contribute to events (i.e. baked goods, prizes & cakes)
  • Volunteer to plan and organize an event 
  • Process event tickets
  • Collect money & registrations for events 
  • Set-up registration for Noon-Programs 
  • Attend H&S meetings
  • Take on an H&S executive position 
  • Become a class parent
  • Join the GreenSpace Committee

Interested? Have a few questions? Use our volunteer e-mail address: lmstvolunteer@gmail.com and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

NOTE: We have a Facebook Page. It is a closed group for privacy reasons. If you would like to join, please search: “lmst home & school association” and asked to be added. You will find information on events and you can interact with fellow members of the LMST community on important issues or just find out what time something starts… that is good too!


2016-17 H&S Minutes (PDF)

H&S Minutes Sep 2016


2015-16 H&S Minutes (PDF)

H&S Minutes_Oct2015

H&S Minutes Sep 2015