Refundables and Recycling

Recycling program LMST Halifax NS

** Please join us for our first Home & School meeting of the 2015-2016 school year:
Thursday, September 10th at 6:30pm. Everyone welcome!!**

Monday is Recycle Day at LeMarchant St. Thomas!
Please contribute to School Fundraising efforts by bringing in your Refundable Recycling by 9am every Monday morning.
Bags can be placed inside, downstairs in the lunchroom, or left by the main doors or side doors in the parking lot area only.
REFUNDABLES must be in a clear or blue bag, labelled with your child’s class and THE NUMBER OF CONTAINERS IN THE BAG.
If the number is not on the bag, then they will not get credited properly. This is an easy fundraiser, even a few cans or bottles add up to $$$ for the school.
If you and your children walk to school, you might consider bringing lightweight items like water bottles and juice boxes, every little bit counts – and we are grateful for every bit of it!
For this fundraiser we can only accept:

  • Juice Containers
  • Water Bottles
  • Pop Bottles
  • Pop Cans
  • Wine/Liquor Bottles
  • Beer Bottles
  • Beer Cans

Please NO Tuna, Soup or Vegetable Cans, NO Milk Containers or other non-refundables!
This initiative is stewarded by volunteer LMST parent and member-of-assorted-committees Derick Honig. Thank you Derick.

We would also like to thank Tanner’s Transfer for their kind support as well.