July HRSB Update on Beaufort Building Reno

Date: July 19, 2016 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events


(photo: CBC)

Elwin LeRoux, Superintendent of the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB), recently sent an update about progress of the renovations to the Beaufort building; this is the building, located behind the little school, where the kids will attend classes during construction of the new LMST across the road.

Office of the Superintendent 

July 14, 2016
Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope everyone is enjoying the first few weeks of summer vacation. I wanted to take a moment to update you on the progress of the renovations of the Beaufort building. The interior work is progressing on schedule with an expected completion date in early August. School staff toured the building on June 27th and they were pleased with the progress and already anticipating how they would be using the space when school opens in September.
While doing some ceiling and duct work, we became concerned with the current state of the roof. Further investigation determined that the roof needed to be replaced. With the support of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, a tender was issued with a closing date of July 13th. We will be awarding this tender in the next few days with the work to begin almost immediately.
While we fully expect the majority of the roof replacement to be completed before school starts, there may be some work to finish after the students return. This will not impact the start of school because any remaining work to be done after school starts will happen on nights and weekends when students and staff are not present in the building.
I anticipate being able to provide you with a further update in late August or early September. In the meantime, we will be posting periodic photo updates of the progress on the HRSB website at: http://www.hrsb.ca/about‐hrsb/operations‐services/capital‐projects/new‐halifax‐south‐peninsula‐p‐6 or on Twitter: @HRSB_Official.
Best wishes for a healthy, relaxing and enjoyable summer!

Elwin LeRoux