Mid-Winter Drama Week

Date: February 7, 2013 Author: lmst Categories: News & Events


Here are the dates and times for our grades 4 to 6 Drama performances.

Grade 4: Feb. 26th 10:45am and 7:00pm.
4B – The Ferni and the Cambalco
4C – The Auntie Christine Story

Grade 4 to 5: Feb. 27th at 10:45am and 7pm.
4/5S – Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover
5M – News Magazine at the Daily Pound

Grade 6: Feb. 28th at 10:45am and 7:00pm. 6W – The Musical of Musicals
6McD – The Mystery of The Royal Upheaval

Our students have been working very hard to put on these performances. It is a new format this year, and even though LMST has been accustomed to a musical in the past, we are excited to try a new ap- proach which gives the opportunity for all students to be involved in larger parts in the performances.

It is not necessary for us to send tickets home to parents for these events as we will not be exceeding the permitted number of people in the gymnasium as we are holding 3 nights of performances. The primary to 3 LMST students will be watching the performances at 10:45am each of the 3 days. There is limited room at the back of the gym in the morning performances and since there will be plenty of room in the evening performances, we ask that you avoid coming to the morning performances unless this is the only time you can attend. Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you enjoy this new format and welcome any suggestions you may have once you have seen the performances.