New School Community Input Meeting Feb. 10th, 6pm

Date: February 10, 2016 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events


Dear Parents & LMST Community,

This is an information request from the new ‘south end elementary school’ School Steering Team (SST) community representatives.

We, SAC members David Jakeman, Judy Obersi and Principal Jeanne Boudreau, value your input on the exterior design and potential enhancements to the new school. This is the first opportunity we have had to collect feedback from the community to deliver directly to the SST committee.

We invite you to attend a meeting on Wednesday, February 10th, 6 pm at LMST school gym.

The agenda is as follows:

  1.  Introduction to new school process, RFP process underway
  2.  Input on exterior design/aesthetics of the school
  3.  Presentation on Department of Education current plan
  4.  How to enhance the gym, music, library, technology, raised classroom, library commons
  5.  Next steps

(A copy of the SAC presentation and other related documents can be downloaded from this site by following: 

Parents & Students=> School Advisory Council SAC.)


N.B. This meeting is about the new school design and enhancements only. We will not be discussing the relocation process or the demolition of LMST.

Please pass along this information to anyone else who you may think is interested. Thank you.

David Jakeman, Judy Obersi & Jeanne Boudreau
SAC Members