Our School Advisory Council needs 3 Parent Volunteers

Date: September 15, 2015 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events


We received the following request from our School Advisory Council Chair. They are in need of 3 new parent volunteers for the coming school year. If you are interested in participating please submit a short bio to Jeanne Boudreau (our Principal) by tomorrow, September 16th.

Hi Parents,

The School Advisory Council (SAC) at LMSTS is a committee that works collaboratively with the school administration to continuously improve our school and represent the best interests of parents and students. We do this by:

  • Providing feedback on the Continuous School Improvement process;
  • Forming the Discipline Committee;
  • Voicing our school’s needs, wants and concerns – examples from our current and recent years include:
    • Working to improve communication with parents;
    • Forming the Site Selection Committee for the replacement of LMSTS;
    • Having input on the hiring of a new Principal; and
    • Advising the Principal in the adoption of a Restorative Approach at LMSTS.
  • Helping the Principal with important decisions and policy changes – in the past we’ve had input on:
    • Lunch time length;
    • The school photographer; and
    • Giving feedback on reports commissioned by the Department of Education

We usually meet once per month, on the second Wednesday or Thursday at 4:30pm (subject to change). Our meetings are open and all are welcome, however, only those on the committee may vote.

We need 3 parent volunteers for 2015/2016. We have had one member’s child move to junior high, another term expire and a third is leaving the school in December.

Please send your name and a short bio to the Principal no later than this Wednesday (tomorrow) if you are interested in volunteering for this committee. If we received more than 3 names an election will be held at Curriculum night – Thursday September 17th.

Shannon Black – Outgoing SAC Chair


For further information about our School Advisory Council please visit the SAC page on this website by following:

Parents & Students=>School Advisory Council