Bicycle Obstacle Course Event – IT’S ON!!

Date: October 28, 2016 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: H&S News, News & Events



**Bike Obstacle Course Event is on for Saturday, October 29th!!**

Despite the slightly soggy conditions we will be hosting the first-ever LMST Bicycle Obstacle Course event today! Dress your budding MTBer in gear appropriate for the weather and bring ‘em on down to Conrose Park for an exciting afternoon of a different kind of fun!


For full event details visit:

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Due to the rain expected for Friday and Saturday, the Green Space Committee has postponed the Bike Obstacle Course Event until Saturday, October 29th at the same time, between 2-4 (2-3pm for grades p to 3 and 3-4pm for grades 4 to 6). The event will still be held at Conrose Park.

On the up side: if you have not registered yet – there is still time!!

All you have to do is email (registration forms will also be available on-site in case you decide at the last minute you can being the kids after all!).

Please note: All up-to-date information about this event (including further postponements if needed) will be posted to this website. All information about the Bicycle Obstacle Course can be found by following:

Home & School=> H&S Annual Events and Activities =>Bicycle Obstacle Course

Any questions? Please email

Thanks for your support and have a great rainy weekend!





We’ve got something brand new for you this month: 

LMST’s first-ever Bicycle Obstacle Course! 



In partnership with Ride East, our new Green Space Committee will man this fundraising event on Saturday, October 29th.

From 2- 3pm, Grades Primary to 3 can challenge a course that includes ramps and bridges, small wooden structures, pylons and other obstacles; from 3-4pm our Grade 4 to 6 students will get their shot at it.
Meanwhile, on the sidelines, kids can work their way through games like paper delivery, mine field and volcano rim.

Participation is by donation with all proceeds going to our Green Space Committee to purchase new playground equipment for the new school.

For further information – or to download a copy of the permission form – please check out the Bicycle Obstacle Course page on this website by following:

Home&School => H&S Annual Events and Activities =>Bicycle Obstacle Course