School Lockdown Drill Happening This Month

Date: January 5, 2016 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events


Every school in HRSB holds Lockdown and Hold & Secure drills as part of our emergency planning/preparedness cycle.

Staff and students are aready familiar with these drills, but we wish to increase your knowledge of our procedures, especially for new families to our school.

During a practice drill, students remain silent with doors locked and lights out in their classroom if it is a Lockdown. For a Hold and Secure, the doors are locked, but otherwise it’s business as usual. We have 2 Lockdown Drills and 1 Hold and Secure drill per year.

For further details about these drills and what to do should there be an actual event, please visit the Lockdown and Hold & Secure Drills page on this website by following:

Parents&Students => Health & Safety =>Lockdown and Hold & Secure Drills