Students learning how to ‘Swim to Survive’

Date: December 18, 2014 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events, Uncategorized


For three consecutive Thursdays classes 2/3 M/Y, 2/3 G, 3L, 3F and 3/4 M/R are participating in the Life Saving Society’s Swim to Survive program at Centennial Pool.


Swim to Survive is a survival training program – not swimming lessons -  that defines the minimum skills needed by all Canadians to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. This program is an important first step in learning to be safe around water and we are thrilled our students are able take part.


Beginning December 4th the students are trained in three essential skills:
- roll into deep water;
- tread water for 1 minute; and
- 50 metre swim.


The students have three one-hour sessions in the pool followed by three in-classroom water safety lessons. Students will also bring home information about the program for their parents/guardians.


The Lifesaving Society, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, has provided this program at no cost to students.