Take Your Culture To School 2016


**VOLUNTEERS are NEEDED for our Feb 26th event, contact Mrs. Stoilov**


February is Multicultural Month at LeMarchant!





  What is Take Your Culture To School day?

Our multicultural event is one where families are invited to the school to share elements of their culture or ethnicity with other members of the school community through storytelling, food, dance, arts and many other things that make cultures unique. This event will help families showcase their rich cultures and feel more welcome in school while creating social connections within the community.

Take Your Culture To School day will be held in the gymnasium of the big school and will run from 9am to 3pm. Stations will be set-up with tables to display artifacts and information, as well as representative food or treats. The hosts of each station will be available to answer questions, help with interactive components of the display or perhaps tell an interesting story. We also hope to have performances on the stage throughout the day.

Students and guests will be provided with a ‘passport’ where they may make notes or draw pictures of those things they find particularly interesting.


The objectives for the event are:

  • To educate students, families and school staff about the various cultures represented within our school community and beyond
  • To build social connectedness among students, family members, school staff and community partners.



We Need You!!  (but not necessarily for the whole day)

This is where we need YOU, our multicultural parents, to help us with understanding and experiencing your culture!

Some of the cultures represented in our school are Scottish, Irish, English, as well as various European, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures and since we sometimes have several families from the same culture, you would not have to prepare for your culture’s event exhibit table alone but could share the work. Mrs. Stoilov will coordinate cultures and put groups together to help each other out whenever possible.

We also need someone to do our own culture of Canada. It would be great to celebrate ALL of our cultures on this day. PLEASE contact Mrs. Stoilov if you can help us make this day an unforgettable experience for all of our students.



Interested? Here’s what we’re after:

1. Visual Presentation:

  • PowerPoint: Give an overview of what makes your culture special
  • Pictures: Create a display of important aspects of your culture
  • Artifacts: Bring in cultural artifacts to display at your exhibit (please make sure these are not priceless heirlooms that might be broken)
  • Video showing the landscape or traditional activity in your culture
  • Perform a dance or traditional activity from your culture
  • Maps: Display maps of the country/countries associated with your culture


2. Game or Activity:

  • Storytelling: share traditional legends, explain about history and culture or read a famous story. You can also share a story from your experiences.
  • Dance: Teach a simple dance that is traditional in your culture
  • Game: Have students play a traditional game from your culture.
  • Dress: Allow students to try on traditional dress from your culture
  • Craft: Give students and families hands-on experience with the arts of your culture
  • Hunt: Prepare a scavenger hunt of your exhibit


3. Cultural Cuisine:

  • Bring a favourite traditional dish for students to taste
  • Bake a traditional sweet for students to experience
    NOTE: please provide a list of ingredients so that anyone with allergies can avoid. For the same reason please avoid food items not permitted in our school system.
  • Host a cooking demonstration of a traditional food


          **Please note: financial assistance for supplies is available if needed**

If you are interested in participating or contributing to our multicultural event, PLEASE contact Mrs. Stoilov as soon as possible.



 Download the Take Your Culture To School Day leaflet (PDF).