Tech Club

Help your child become a leader and innovator in the digital age!

Introducing TECH CLUB….Computer Programming for Kids!

Kids in grades 4 through 6 at LeMarchant St. Thomas have a very special opportunity to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. TECH CLUB will start on Friday, September 26th and run for 1 hour during lunchtime every Friday in the Library. All we need is a minimum of 15 children registered in TECH CLUB to start it up this fall.


What is TECH CLUB?
The Nova Scotia Tech Club (NSTC) aims to teach children in grades 4 through 6 basic computer programming skills, and where possible, other technology related skills. It is a parent-led initiative organized through the cooperation of schools and teachers. It should be noted that NSTC is not in any way affiliated to, or receiving any form of support from the various school boards of Nova Scotia or the Department of Education. NSTC is not a legal entity.




Why register my child for TECH CLUB?
Our children are falling behind. Nova Scotia lags far behind other parts of Canada when it comes to educating our children on even basic IT concepts. We are behind other provinces and behind other countries, such as Estonia and the UK. Nova Scotia Tech Club aims to help leapfrog that gap and better position our children to be leaders and innovators in the digital age.
By the end of the 10 weeks, TECH CLUB kids are able to build multiple avatars who can converse with each other. They will be able to create a story using those avatars, complete with music and sound effects. All of this is achieved using software called Tynker that allows kids to channel their ingenuity and creativity while mastering the building blocks of computer programming. Your children won’t be playing games on screen. They’ll be creating them!


How do I register my child for the Fall 2015 session of TECH CLUB?
The cost of TECH CLUB is $50 per child. Register your child by sending an email to: by Tuesday, September 22nd. Please include the name and class of your child. We will then send you an invoice and a link that will allow you to pay using a Visa or MasterCard. It’s that easy!


Want to learn more?

Read more about TECH CLUB and Tynker: