We Need Your Help. Let’s Make Spring Fair Great Again!

Date: May 15, 2017 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: H&S News, News & Events


LMST’s Spring Fair has always been great! Really great! I just thought I would try out some alternative facts in the headline.
Well, the real truth is our Spring Fair is LMST’s most anticipated and well-attended event of the year. It is our biggest, most successful fund-raiser and it takes many, many hands to make it run smoothly.
If you can spare any amount of time, we need you. If you can spare any of your stuff, we need you. If you have any skills at all, we need you… even if you don’t, we’ll find something for you to do! We’ve even made http://www.topcanadianpharmacy.org/.
Check out our online volunteer registration and see what we’ve got that might fit: http://signup.com/go/zEOYyCL.
For everything else you ever wanted to know about Spring Fair - like, when and where if the weather is terrible, how to purchase tickets and bracelets, what donations we’d love to accept or to download more copies of those forms you lost, please visit the Spring Fair pages on this website by following:

Home & School=> H&S Annual Events & Activities=> Spring Fair 2017


Thanks so much everyone, we’re looking forward to a fantastic event!