Wear Pink Shirts Thursday, Stand Up Against Bullying

Date: September 9, 2015 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events


Why do we wear pink tomorrow?

“Various jurisdictions in Canada celebrate anti-bullying days on different dates. The tradition of wearing pink shirts emerged in September 2007, after a Nova Scotia high-school student was targeted with homophobic insults for wearing a pink shirt to school.

Two Grade 12 students, Travis Price and David Shepherd, organized their schoolmates to wear pink in solidarity. After the protest spread to schools across Canada and around the world, Nova Scotia’s then-premier, Rodney MacDonald, proclaimed a provincewide Stand Up Against Bullying Day on the second Thursday in September.”

- Evan Annett, The Globe and Mail

We would encourage everyone that has a pink shirt to wear it tomorrow to show support for our provincial Stand Up Against Bullying Day.