Welcome Back Students!! Details for the first few days…

Date: September 2, 2016 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: News & Events


Welcome back!

Welcome back families to another school year at LeMarchant St. Thomas. We want to particularly welcome our new families and our new primary students. We are sure you will enjoy your time here at LMST and we look forward to getting to know you. This year we are in a new location and we hope the following information will help you feel as positive and excited about this move as we are!


Our New Civic Address

Our new civic address is: 1589 Walnut Street, Halifax, NS, B3H 3S1 but our phone number is still the same, 902-421-6769.


Our First Day is Friday, September 9th

The student’s first day back is Sept. 9th as the 8th is an unpacking and set up day for staff.

On this first day, the bell will ring at 8:45am for students, but the staff will be in the school yard from 8:30am on. We will also have members of our School Advisory Council (SAC) on hand wearing orange aprons to help with any questions you may have. After Friday, the bell will ring promptly at 8:50am.


Who Goes Where?

All LMST students will gather in the playground of the Annex. There is one entrance into the Annex and two entrances into the main (formerly Université Sainte Anne) building.

  • Grades Primary to 1 (but not including 1/2 French Immersion)
    These classes will be in the Annex.  The classroom teacher’s name and grade will be posted on a chair on the playground near the Annex entrance. Students are to line up behind the chair that represents the class they are in. Teachers will meet them at that chair at the bell and take them into their classroom. We hope to have this completed by 8:55am
  • Grades 2 to 6 (including 1/2 French Immersion)
    These classes are in the new main building (previously Université Sainte Anne) .The classroom teacher’s name and grade will be posted on a chair on the playground near the two entrances to the new main building. Students are to line up behind the chair that represents the class they are in. Teachers will meet them at that chair at the bell and take them into their classroom. We hope to have this completed by 8:55am
  • Our music classes will take place in the portable situated on the playground.


Invitation for Walkthrough

We know that you are all very curious as to what our new surroundings look like and would like to invite you in for a walkthrough between 9 and 10am on the first day, Sept. 9th.

By this time the children should be in their classrooms. Because we are inviting you in at 9, we ask that you do not come in with students when the bell rings and let the teachers bring them in.

We cannot accommodate over 400 students and their parents in the school all at once, especially when the students do not know where they are going yet. We thank you for adhering to this request. We are trying to make sure this goes smoothly and appreciate your support.


Recess and Lunch

  • Recess: This year there will be 2 recess times and a staggered lunch time. The playground is not big enough to have all the students in it at once.
    • Primary to 2 will have recess from 10:30 to 10:45
    • Grade 3 to 6 from 10:45 to 11:00.
  • Lunch: Our lunch times will be staggered as per below. It is the only fair and reasonable way we can safely accommodate all our students.
    • Primary to 2/3 will eat from noon to 12:30pm and play outside from 12:30 to 1:00pm
    • Grades 4 to 6 will eat from 12:30 to 1:00pm, and play outside noon to 12:30pm.


School Supplies

Each classroom teacher bought all the necessary supplies for the students. The breakdown is $40.00 spent for supplies and $10.00 for an agenda.

Please return the form that will be sent home on the first day with cash or a cheque for $50 made out to LeMarchant St. Thomas within the first week back if possible, or soon thereafter, as the school and teachers carry this cost until money is collected from parents. If you have any financial issues and need to make other arrangements, please contact me to make accommodations. Thank you for your prompt financial support.


New Staff

I would like to welcome some new staff to our family here at LMST. Those staff members are:

  • Janie Desjardins, primary Fr. Imm. (filling in for Kara Redding who is awaiting a baby shortly)
  • Lara Scheibling, 1/2 Fr. Imm.
  • Jenna MacLeod, 6 Fr. Imm.
  • Kaleigh Denton, Core French
  • Kerry Woodley, Learning Resource

The updated staff directory will be posted on the website shortly; once it is complete we will include a link here.


Safe Arrival

There will be a new process in place for the Safe Arrival program this year. In past years, the school secretary was the person calling home at the beginning of the day. This has not worked well since she is extremely busy and cannot always have calls completed by 9:30am. For this program to be effective, timely confirmation of attendance is essential.

How it works:  The Safe Arrival program is not a mandated program and in most schools is run by volunteers. This is what we will employ at LMST this year. Parent volunteers will begin calling by 9:10am.

It is extremely important that you call in to the safe arrival line (902 421-6769 ext. 1) if your child will not be coming to school or if they will be late. This cuts down on the number of calls we have to make and makes our calling timelier. We truly appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter. Also, when students are late, they must check in at the main office so that we know they have arrived safely.

Volunteers Needed: If you are available for an hour in the morning at 9:15am and a half hour in the afternoon at 1:15pm, and are willing to volunteer to work in the Safe Arrival program, please contact the school either via email or phone call. We really need your help to make this work and the more people we have volunteering the lighter the commitment. We greatly appreciate your support.


See you Soon!

The LMST Staff are looking forward to seeing everyone on Sept. 9th.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer holidays!