Yes! $20K for Playground! Thanks LMST Voters!!

Date: June 15, 2017 Author: Cathy Gibson Categories: H&S News, News & Events


On Wednesday evening, June 15th, District 7 (Halifax South Downtown) residents voted in one of Canada’s most ambitious participatory budgeting exercises. Ten projects valued at almost $130,000 applied to receive a portion of $94,000 in municipal grants available.

A record 537 voters of all ages attended and were asked to choose their favourite five projects. When the dust settled six different projects received funding - including the LMST Playground project!

In about 6-8 weeks, we will receive $20,000 to rebuild our playground spaces once the construction of our new school is complete.

See below for a message from our fantastic Green Space Committee:

******Thank You LMST Community!******

The LMST Greenspace Committee received its full funding request last night at the District 7 community vote.
The winners were:

  1. LMST Greenspace/H&S – $20,000.00 for playground improvements;
  2. Partners for Care / Common Roots Urban Farm – $6,100.00 for tables, sitting area and water stations;
  3. Inglis Street Elementary School PTA – $20,000.00 for playground improvements and a swing set;
  4. Climb NS – $17,500.00 for an outdoor gym;
  5. Halifax Cycling Coalition $14,250.00 – for eco counters and bike repair station.
  6. Partial funding was provided to Downtown Halifax Business Commission with $16,150.00 for parkland upgrades.

Thank you everyone for coming out last night to help secure this crucial funding. It would have been so hard to get this amount any other way. We are in a great position now to make the new playground great.

We hope to finalize plans by September and will have additional fundraising to do over the next school year.

If you are interested in volunteering please email us at:

Thanks again for being such a great school and community!

LMST Greenspace Committee



For more information about the participatory budgeting process and the other projects that received funding, please visit District 7 Councillor Waye Mason’s website.